7d shaved head for men

RQ7900 head shaver, new type 7 razor blades - 7 in 1, LED screen displays charging time and battery drain, Charge the battery for 2 hours and use continuously for 60 minutes. can shave dry and shave foam, 6 months warranty

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Head/beard/hair shaver, shaves smoothly, quickly, cleanly and smoothly
Advantages: 07 shaving blades at the same time, flexible shaving head, always arranged to hug the skin of the head area, so the shave is smooth and fast.
Also useful for people with a lot of beard and chin who want to shave it smooth.
The machine's charcoal design is very convenient when holding the machine firmly to operate when shaving your head
Own it personally or give it as a gift to friends, bosses, children, grandchildren...
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