Oralb electric toothbrush 7000

Oralb 7000 new electric toothbrush, VIP invitation type 06 use function, bluetooth smartGuide with timer for brushing teeth, elliptical light shows brushing function, battery charge indicator, full charge automatically disconnects, charging base / primary brush head case holder, travel case, MADE IN GERMANY, warranty 12 months

  • Code:banchaidanhrangmay oralb 7000
  • Original Price:3,700,000 vnđ
  • Sale Price:3,500,000 vnđ Buy

Contact - Shop Duc and so on

Ms Trang - 0938 39 56 42

; zalo, viber


repair, replace battery, sell replacement shaving accessories, hair removal machine, hair trimmer, beard trimmer,

- Oralb, Philips electric toothbrush and replacement brush head


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