Panasonic Shaver Wet/Dry Advanced Performance ES-LT67 [ Made In Japan ]

new Panasonc LT67 shaver, linear motor 39,000 oscillations/min, nano tech tongue membrane, shaved head shrugs, rotates, shakes multi-points, The display shows full charge and battery drain, Origin : MADE IN JAPAN, warranty 12 months

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Panasonic Shaver Wet/Dry Advanced Performance ES-LT67 [ Made In Japan ]

Smooth & Close Shave, Even on Chin & Neck

The ES-LT67, an advanced shaver that delivers superior cutting performance with an ultra-fast linear motor and three precision ultra-sharp blades.

Ultra-Fast Motor for Fast, Powerful Shaving

The super strong neodymium magnet helps drive the blades extremely fast to deliver up to 39,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. This helps provide an exceptionally powerful and smooth shave. No beard can slow this ultra-fast linear motor down, regardless of how thick it is. With a steady cutting speed right until the battery runs out.

3-Blade Cutting System for Efficient Shaving

The 3-blade cutting system is designed to capture and cut all kinds of hairs.
[A] Slit Blades; Provides improved pre-cutting of long hairs. [B] Outer Foils; As thin as 41 μm in places, the outer foils raise even short hairs from the root to enable a close shave.

30˚ Nano Polished Inner Blades for Efficient Cutting

Leveraging the Japanese Samurai sword-making tradition, we’ve developed ultra-sharp nano-polished inner blades honed to an acute 30° enabling them to cut hair very close to the root. The result is a superior and efficient shaving experience with a minimum number of strokes even on the chin, where beards tend to be densest.

Multi-flex 12D Contour-Following Head

The shaver head moves in 12 directions independently* and follows the contours of the face and neck easily to reduce the number of strokes required to shave even flat-lying hair.
* Panasonic Laboratory Report, Japan

Multi-fit Arc Blades

All the blades are arched in order to reduce pressure on the skin and touch it evenly along the entire length of the blades.

Beard Sensor Technology

Beard sensor technology automatically detects beard density 200 times/second* and adjusts shaving power accordingly. Power is increased in dense areas and reduced in thin areas.
* Panasonic Laboratory Stroboscope Testing, Japan

Ergonomic Curve Design

Ergonomic designed unit enables shaving in the most natural position without placing strain on the elbow or wrist.

Pop-up Trimmer for a Quick Pre-shave

It features durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45° edge. Easy and convenient for a quick pre-shave and detailed grooming.

Wet/Dry Shower Shaving

Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with form or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave. You can even take it in the shower.

Waterproof & Washable

Waterproof design lets you rinse the shaver under running water for easy and hygienic maintenance.
* Before washing, remove the outer foils section and turn the shaver on for vibration.

Multi-function LED Indicator

The shaver’s multi-function LED indicator shows battery status in 10 steps and operation status for easy, at-a-glance confirmation.

A Legacy of Quality,a Tradition of Innovation

Advancing the Japanese art of making exceptionally sharp and robust swords, Panasonic has applied state-of-the-art technology to develop blades of outstanding quality.
Japanese craftsmanship techniques used only for Panasonic shaver blades.


  • Ultra-fast Linear Motor 39,000 cross-cutting/min. Cutting Action (13,000 cpm)
  • 3-blade Cutting System with 30° Nano Polished Inner Blades.
  • Multi-Flex 12D Shaving Head Follows the Contours of the Face.
  • Beard Sensor Technology for Skin Comfort.
  • Pop-up Trimmer for a Quick Pre-shave
  • Wet/Dry Shaving Assures a Smooth, Gentle Shave

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