shaver BraUn series 9 9296cc made in GERMANY

BraUn series9 9296cc electric shaver, new generation. shiny chrome plated body, 4-blade type, comes with self-cleaning charging cup, Multi-point nodding shaving head with lock, LED screen indicates self-cleaning charging cup function, The battery charger stops automatically, hard case with zipper, bang bang sideburns/mustache, foam/dry shaving, Origin: Germany, warranty 12 months

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  • Original Price:7,800,000 vnđ
  • Sale Price:7,500,000 vnđ Buy
BraUn series9 9260cc new VIP shaver.
4-blade type, dry/foam shaving is fine.
Shaving speed up to 40,000 times/minute (microwave vibration technology)
Detachable charger and self-cleaning charging cup to clean the shaving head (auto).
When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging and the battery indicator will light up.
trimmed mustache/sideburns
Leather travel case with zipper protects shaving head and body
Advantage: VIP
Polished chrome-plated body, leather carrying case
VIP products. Personal ownership or as gifts for bosses, businessmen, friends, husbands, fathers...
The selling price is discounted directly for customers buying at Duc Van
- We accept repair, replace batteries and sell accessories - components (shaving membranes, razor blades) of shavers / hair removal machines of Philips Norelco, Hitachi, Sanyo, BraUn, Panasonic, Adapter / charger of the machine shave
repair, replace batteries and sell toothbrush head accessories to replace oralb, philips sonicare toothbrushes
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BraUn shaver and replacement and repair accessories


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